Patience is a Virtue vs Time is of the Essence.

Everything revolves around time. I have found that these two contradicting theories are very frustrating. Time should be treasured. Not evaluated by how much is left. But I can’t help but think of these two statements and figure out which one is more correct; waiting around and wasting time or using up time without noticing how much is being used. For the most part, I am very impatient because I do not like to waste time  by waiting, although I am not a rushed person like that of the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Time management has never really been a problem for me, but now that college is starting in the fall, I’m beginning to think it will be a different scenario. Also, since the World Cup has started, I’ve refused to go out to lunch so that I can watch the games. This has further inhibited me from using time “wisely.” If someone were to say the two above statements to me and ask what I believed more in, I think I would just change the subject because I am still confused as whether to be patient or be rushed. Life is short, but time sometimes seems never ending. I’m a little lost in time, with time, about time… How about this new phrase: Time is a virtue.

I had orientation last week and it seemed like the longest few days of my life. I first had to drive to Austin which was four hours away, and far too long for me to drive (I don’t even like driving for twenty minutes).  The next two nights I got a combination of  six hours (first night four, second night two), so I was exhausted to say the least. I fell asleep in a few classes and sessions which I felt bad about but I literally couldn’t stay awake, and on the drive home I had to stop to get coffee because I would fall asleep while driving on I-35. I stayed in Waco that night and slept a fruitful eleven hours. Those days seemed so long because I got virtually no sleep. It was funny seeing how I can sleep for half a day versus only 1/12 of a day.  Time really seems treacherous when you have less and less of it.
Orientation was interesting, long, and a bit overwhelming. I was NOT a fan of the ghost stories. It was basically freshmen hazing! I’m glad I registered for classes and met a few nice people. I know that actual school won’t be much like orientation depicted because we choose how we want our college lives to be. I’m stoked to meet all my Social Justice Living Learning Community (SJ LLC) buddies and get started with projects and monthly dinners! St. Edward’s might be one of the most perfect universities in America.

This is irrelevant, but I just watched the Book of Eli. It was intense, and the message was very well portrayed. Movies with bigger meanings are always refreshing, as well as movies without major pesky love interests. I have a long list of summer movies I need to start watching, but with amazing World Cup games and now Wimbledon matches, it will be hard to find the time.

Alas, we are back to the discussion of time.


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